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It’s the common curse of the everyday modern man. A few too many beers, a few too many take outs, and before we know it, we’re sporting a pair of man boobs fit for a Victoria Secret catalog.

But fear not! This problem can be solved. No more will you have to worry about how to get rid of man boobs. All it takes is three things. Your mentality, your exercise and your diet. Let’s go through them now.

Get The Right Mentality

Mentality 1 – Perhaps you are looking for a 2 week cure to your man-boob-syndrome. Very sorry about that, since it doesn’t exist. Man boobs are not grown in two weeks, so it makes sense that you can’t get rid of them in two weeks. This will take more time, but not too long.

Mentality 2 – You probably have a slightly bigger problem than just your man boobs. If you are being honest, there are other parts of your body that have more fat than you’d like too. Face the fact that the answer to how to get rid of man boobs involves getting your whole body in shape.

Mentality 3 – It can be fixed. Just because you may have tried a million things before and it never worked, it doesn’t mean you are beyond hope. Stick with the advice below, and you are guaranteed to see your man boobs disappear.


Most people, when they want to reduce fat in a certain area, will just train that area. This isn’t a smart move. Whilst some bodybuilders swear by certain “spot reduction” techniques, for the common person it is horribly inefficient.

What should you do instead?

You will need to undertake a full body weight lifting program, try 5×5 or take some inspiration from here. Add to this a little walking first thing in the morning every single day. 

lifting motivation

You need to train with intensity at least 3 times per week, focusing on compound movements. These moves include, Squats, Deadlifts, Bench Press, Overhead Press, Bent Over Row. Don’t focus on small isolation movements, lift heavy, lift big.

What should you avoid?

Jogging, hours spent on the cross-trainer, Zumba. It is good to exercise, and if you enjoy cardio, then you can do it. However, if you are doing it because you want to lose your man boobs, you are working in the wrong direction. Stick to the weights, you’ll get there quicker.


Yes, you knew it was coming! The cliche states that you can’t out exercise a crappy diet. This is true. I want you to be totally honest with yourself. You know when you are eating garbage food, and you know that it is the main reason you have man boobs.


So for a blueprint in how to eat properly, check out these two in depth suggestions here and here. As a start you can quit drinking anything but water, tea and coffee. No soda, no fruit juice and no booze. Give these up for a few weeks and you will notice the difference. These drinks can be had in a healthy diet, however, keeping them to the bare minimum is the smart thing to do.

Doing vs Knowing

You know how to get rid of man boobs. If you read any of the articles listed above, you will know in detail how to get rid of man boobs. What remains is your commitment, determination and consistency. It is easy to read an article, make a half-hearted promise to yourself and never follow through.

However, I invite you to really go through with it this time. Just commit for 8 weeks and see where you are. I promise you will not regret this choice. You are fully equipped, you know how to get rid of man boobs. Now go and get rid of them!