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Modern day life does not encourage a person to be in shape. The majority of us in the west sit behind desks grazing on snacks for most of the day. After we leave work we sit down on the train or our car, get into our house, so exhausted from all the sitting down, we sit down on our coach until it is time to go to bed. This might be an exaggeration, but it illustrates that in our everyday life, our success isn’t generally affected by how “in shape” we are.

We all know, however, the dangers of being out of shape. We all know that when in shape we feel much happier, healthier and energetic. There generally comes a point or points in someone’s life when they feel fed up with being out of shape and want to make a drastic change.

Since you are reading this, it is safe to assume that you might be in that situation, or at the very least you are interested in getting into shape. It might be the case that you have read dozens of other articles, watched videos and generally waded through the rivers of nonsense that flow so freely on the internet surrounding getting into shape.

This series aims to remedy your experience. As you will see, getting into shape is not complicated. In fact, the science is so simple that it could be taught to a 12-year-old with ease. As long as you make a few small changes, you will be able to reclaim your health, and get into the shape you have always dreamt of.

This is not an offer for a one-week fix. If you are looking to “get abs in 3 minutes per day” then I have bad news, this is the real world, and there is no magic. Getting into great shape, just like anything that is worth doing, takes a little hard work, some knowledge and patience. You have applied these things to different areas of life before, this is the same. Whether your accomplishments are many or few, at some point you have used patience, hard work and knowledge to get to your goal.

Follow along with the series or skip to the relevant heading to learn more about a specific part of the program.

1. The Diet

2. All About Macros