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Rules And Regulations For The Forum

Here at Fat Shredding, we encourage users to engage in the community and take part in discussions that crop up. With that said, there are still rules that must be implemented in order to retain some degree of order. We want the community to be free flowing and dynamic and at the same time structure needs to be in place to accommodate all views expressed. With all that said here are a few rules, points, and principles to stick by if you wish to engage in the discussions on this website and board. • Multiple accounts from the same user are not allowed and break our terms of service. Users are only permitted to create one account, should Fat Shredding moderation notice multiple accounts based from the same IP Class, a warning, suspension or banning of the user(s) will be in order. • Spamming is not permitted. Use your common sense. • Abusing and/or harassing other members of the community is not permitted. • Doxing or revealing sensitive and personal information is not permitted. • Be respectful of other members and their views. If there is a discussion to be had have one. Resorting to insults or any other abuse is subject to a suspension or ban. • Self Promotion is permitted - just don't spam. Use your common sense here. If you're offering something and you're genuine then feel free to open a discussion, just don't abuse the boards. Doing so will result in a permanent ban. Fat Shredding reserves the right to disable, ban or suspend your account if you breach our terms of use, break rules or generally abuse the site and community. Fat Shredding also reserves the right to collect your data for promotional purposes, in addition to revealing your identity or any information relating to your person if required by law.