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Keto Or Low Carb Diets

This topic will be the discussion of Keto, or any diet that encompasses a low carb eating routine. the following is what I found works for me, but might not work for everyone else. therefore if you find the time write about what works for you, and maybe compare it to the others here, so that you might get an idea of how you might change your formula to make it better. A great thing about a Keto or even just a basic low carb diet is you can choose which one you think would best fit your lifestyle. With this being said I find that from time to time adding in occasionally carb cycling and keeping my body guessing as to how many calories I would consumed keeps the diet not just fresh but moving along. When I started doing this back in November, i was 177 lbs "light" with a waist size of 32 now I'm 148 lbs with a waist size of 30. However this is what worked for me and may not necessarily work for you. Thought that is what this topic is about, discussing diets and what might work for one person and how you could change it or make it fresh to work for you.