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  • 4 Moves to Total Badassery

    bad·ass ˈbadˌas/ noun a tough, uncompromising, or intimidating person. This definition should be enough of an introduction to this article. In an age where we are sat in front of our computers, or slouched on our phones, our bodies are becoming weak. The way that technology is advancing prioritizes the mind above all else. The […] More

  • The “Don’t Get Fat During the Holidays” workout

    Famous weightlifter Sylvia Plath once said, “I felt overstuffed and dull and disappointed, the way I always do after Christmas.” Take a cue from her, make sure you don’t wake up on January 1st having taken a huge step back in your fitness journey, filled with regret and Toblerone. We are all given the opportunity to […] More

  • Bent Over Row for Beginners

    The bent over row is one of the most basic and effective movements in the gym that you can do. It is widely recommended by many different training programs, and that gives you a clue as to how important it can be! Let’s see some reasons why this move is great, then we will go through the […] More

  • Power Clean; A Tutorial

    Apart from being the coolest sounding exercise ever, what is a power clean? Why should you be doing them? And what is the proper technique and programming for them? Let’s discuss. What are Power cleans? This movement is not something that most beginners will be told to try, and it is something that depressingly few […] More

  • Training the Triceps for beginners

    Everybody wants big biceps. But if you have just started training, you need to be aware of the importance of triceps too. This will teach you about the triceps, and the best way to train them! Importance By just training the biceps, your arms will not be as big as they can be, and they […] More

  • Front Squat for Beginners

    Squats are the undisputed king of the weight room movements. If you are looking to build a great physique, or looking to perform better in your sport, you need to squat. However, a squatting variation that generally gets less attention than it should is the front squat.  The front squat is an enormously important exercise. […] More

  • Bodybuilding Diet for beginners; The Commandments

    So you are starting your bodybuilding journey. You have already got your training sorted and you now need to sort out your equally important diet. Here are the commandments to live and die by. DO Learn about your Macros Most people put whatever they want into their mouth, or opt for “healthy” options like sugar […] More

  • Bodybuilding Training for beginners; The Guide

    You are looking to start bodybuilding? Good. The Gods are smiling at you. But where should you start? Every beginner makes the same bonehead mistakes, this article is to stop you making them, and give you some direction and guidance in your bodybuilding training. DO Big movements If your idea of training consists of tricep […] More

  • Fat Loss Principles; Questions And Answers

    What are the core principles to keep in mind when trying to lose fat? Let’s take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about fat loss, and see what we can learn. Do I Have To Change My Diet? This is obvious, and we won’t insult your intelligence by going over this […] More

  • The Most Effective Workout Plans

    With all the thousands of workout plans out there to choose from, you need something that is going to give you the most bang for your buck. First of all, you need to answer a question. What is your training goal? We can break down training aims into two categories. These categories are broad, but […] More

  • Overhead Pressing for beginners

    Putting a weight above your head is one of the most important things you can do on a regular basis. The benefits of overhead pressing are huge for both strength and hypertrophy. Even if you are just trying to improve your overall athleticism, it is a move that is well worth doing. The move isn’t just something […] More

  • Back And Biceps Workout

    Looking for a routine that is guaranteed to get you results on your back and biceps? Many trainees have an underdeveloped back, as more emphasis is given to the mirror muscles i.e the chest, shoulders etc. But, without a strong well rounded back, your physique will be much less impressive than it could be. Perhaps […] More

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