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  • Making no gym progress? Read this

    How long have you been going to the gym ? How much has your physique changed since you have been training? Did you ride out your newbie gains and then sort of stay the same? There are so many people who make some initial gym progress, but end up looking the same year on year. They [...]
  • The Transformation of Ryan Drake

    Looking for a hit of inspiration? We recently stumbled upon one of the highest upvoted posts on the whole of reddit. It concerned the transformation of Ryan Drake. We reached out to him in order to see why and how he underwent his dramatic transformation. 1) You mentioned that you were a sickly child. Did [...]
  • 5 Food habits to start building today

    Food is often the hurdle that is most difficult to overcome in a typical fitness journey. The majority of the population are not educated well concerning their diet. Food that is easily available, cheap and ready to eat is all too common in the diet of many from childhood. This creates a disorder that is [...]
  • Is Squatting bad for your knees?

    People get injured from doing squats every day. A newsflash, hundreds of kilos on your back as you crouch down and stand up again isn’t risk free. Let’s just get it out of the way first and admit that squats have caused knee injuries. However, let’s get some perspective on this situation. Very few people [...]
  • The transformation of Justin Kim

    After his reddit fitness post blew up the internet, we had a chat with Justin Kim about his amazing transformation. Learn what motivated Justin and how he took control to transform his lifestyle. How did you get to the point you were at? I was born an Introvert, I spent decent time outside doing typical [...]
  • Is Obesity really a disease?

    This issue may seem like a pointless topic to discuss, however, the classification of obesity as a disease has caused a furore, especially since it is being used at the heart of a debate about healthcare. The two ends of this argument are: Obesity is a disease. It can arise due to many different factors, [...]
  • The Wim Hof Method; the science and steps

    One of the hottest names in the health and fitness world right now is Wim Hof (The Iceman). Wim Hof preaches a simple method along with radical claims about the health benefits. What is the method? What has science proven so far? How do you do it? Wim Who? Wim Hof is an eccentric Dutch [...]
  • Your Brain On Weights

    Is your time in the gym just giving you benefits in your body? Or are there wider benefits to it? The societal stereotype of the typical gym goer is changing. Whereas it used to be seen as a hive of below average IQ monkeys flexing in tiny vests, these days, everyone is in there. It [...]
  • How to restart your progress in the gym

    To anyone who has been training for an extended period, there will always come a point where progress stops or slows down. If you are in a position where you are feeling frustrated at the lack of progress you are making, don't worry, it happens to everyone. Breaking plateaus is simple, but requires some effort. Let's [...]
  • The Transformation of Ed Hones

    We all love a good transformation picture. Instagram is littered with befores and afters featuring some of the most outrageous and incredible transformations imaginable. However, it is good to move beyond the pictures and learn lessons from people who have changed their life for the better. Let's now take a look at the incredible transformation [...]
  • How Important is Breathing to your health?

    At this stage in our lives, we should all be pretty damn good at breathing. Unfortunately, this isn't the case in the vast majority of us. Is breathing just a simple case of oxygen in and oxygen out? Modern research and ancient wisdom claims that correct breathing can bring a whole host of health benefits. What [...]
  • Gut Bacteria; All you need to know

    Gut Bacteria, otherwise called Gut flora are hugely important to your health. Let's take a look at what they are, what they do, whether they can make you gain fat, and how to fix them. What are Gut Bacteria? These are essentially small creatures that are living in your gut. There are thousands of different [...]