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  • Is Obesity really a disease?

    This issue may seem like a pointless topic to discuss, however, the classification of obesity as a disease has caused a furore, especially since it is being used at the heart of a debate about healthcare. The two ends of this argument are: Obesity is a disease. It can arise due to many different factors, [...]
  • How to restart your progress in the gym

    To anyone who has been training for an extended period, there will always come a point where progress stops or slows down. If you are in a position where you are feeling frustrated at the lack of progress you are making, don't worry, it happens to everyone. Breaking plateaus is simple, but requires some effort. Let's [...]
  • Gut Bacteria; All you need to know

    Gut Bacteria, otherwise called Gut flora are hugely important to your health. Let's take a look at what they are, what they do, whether they can make you gain fat, and how to fix them. What are Gut Bacteria? These are essentially small creatures that are living in your gut. There are thousands of different [...]
  • The Easy Path To Clean Eating In 3 Months

    Diets, detoxes, cleanses. All great, but all designed to not last. So many people commit to eating healthily, they overhaul their diet, and they cut out all garbage from their food. They cook delicious nutrient packed foods. The food takes longer to prepare, but they can manage. They have a hard day and decide to [...]
  • Bodybuilding Diet for beginners; The Commandments

    So you are starting your bodybuilding journey. You have already got your training sorted and you now need to sort out your equally important diet. Here are the commandments to live and die by. DO Learn about your Macros Most people put whatever they want into their mouth, or opt for "healthy" options like sugar [...]
  • How Many Calories Should You Eat

    Calories. The magic word. Now sprawled across even the menus in McDonalds are little numbers telling you just how fat you are getting. Society has reduced your overall health and weight to these little numbers. Have too many, become fat, have less, become thin and healthy. Is this all there is? Or is more required [...]
  • The Lean Body Diet

    Looking to get lean? Before we start, you need to promise to give us two things. 8 weeks of your life. Absolute dedication to this program. If you can't spare 8 weeks of your life, then this lean body diet isn't for you. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but it's the truth. Creating a lean body is [...]
  • Diet As A Natural Testosterone Booster

    According to Harvard associate professor Abraham Morgentaler, M.D., “testosterone is what makes men, men.” It is responsible for many male characteristics, such as a deep voice, larger muscles, and the development of facial and body hair. It stimulates the growth of genitals during puberty, plays a role in sperm production, fuels libido, and contributes to [...]
  • IIFYM Explained

    Is there a way that you can eat pizza, ice cream and donuts and still become ripped? I know, sounds like the beginning of a lame sales pitch about a revolutionary new diet, or pill or exercise machine. However, that is essentially the way that the commentary for the diet IIFYM goes. Let's discuss what [...]
  • 6 Superfoods You Should Be Eating

    The term superfood is a buzzword that has been on a journey up and down in popularity. It first exploded and marketers were throwing around the term to call everything a superfood. Shortly thereafter the backlash arrived. “Superfood are a scam!” yelled certificated enthusiasts all over the globe. Is there anything that we can learn [...]
  • cutting diet

    Cutting Diet – What You Need To Know

    It's may and Winter isn't coming just yet, but Summer is. You're looking to lose the blubber you have stored and reveal the diamond abs you know are there somewhere but you've got all these questions in your mind. How do you go about cutting? How many calories should you eat? How much protein? Carbs? Fats? [...]
  • Nutrition Label

    Macros Explained

    Macros. What they are & how to use them. Eating is one of the biggest dysfunctions in western society. Most of the time life seems to be a struggle of the waistline. The reasons are fairly simple. We are not educated about food, and food companies fill the things we buy with so much garbage [...]